I.T Communications first started offering telephone services in October 2010.

Our staff go the extra mile to get the job done and to deliver customer satisfaction.

I.T Communications are  full members of the ITSPA “The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association”

VoIP (Voice Over IP Protocol) back in 2009 was starting to become more popular due to better broadband speeds and reliability making VoIP an ideal replacement for ISDN and PSTN which was the technology commonly used for telecommunication services in the UK.

Dave Benwell, one of the Directors of I.T Communications worked in the I.T Sector for several years prior to joining I.T Communications.

I.T Communications stated offering Telephone Consultancy / support on the 3CX Phone System in 2009 supporting version 10 of the 3CX Phone System.

Due to the fast amount of uptake in support services, Dave Benwell registered I.T Communications Limited and continued offering the services to a winder customer base not only in the UK but also Internationally.

Kayleigh Evison then joined the company as co-Director and is responsible for the finance side of the business.

I.T Communications started off reselling the SIP Trunks from a large UK SIP Trunk provider to enable the company to provide SIP Services (SIP Trunks) to its customer base in additional to the Phone System Consultancy. Customers preferred this as they then had one company that dealt with the telephone services.

Within 3 years we outgrow the reseller model and decided to invest in providing Customer SIP Trunks via our wholly owned and managed SIP Network operating from two UK London Data Centres

This enabled the company to provide services which was under its full control and by doing this meant the company could ensure high levels of service and was able to be provided to the growing customer base.

I.T Communications applied to Ofcom for its own UK telephone number ranges and was allocated over 580 Number Ranges from towns and cities within the UK. This allows the company to not only brand the service but also allows it to compete with other VoIP Providers.

Fast forward several years and now the company as expanded the services offered to its customer base to include its own SIP Platform called Soft-Switch PBX, Broadband, Leased Lines, Co-Location Services and other hosted applications.

The company now enjoys an annual sales turnover which is increasing year on year between 35% and 40% which is very good. 2018  the company reinvested over £72,000 in its UK London network to increase the level of redundancy and bandwidth within the network to ensure the highest possible network uptime and speed.

The network capacity runs at 20Gbps enabling 204,800 SIP channels across the network with over 1 Million phone numbers in service.

IT Communications always provide astonishingly good support (even out of hours) and this was no exception. Thank you to Dave and the crew.

Was very quick to sort this out for me.

Excellent service as always


I deal with that what makes IT Communications special is unquestionable focus on getting things fixed for the customer and your partners, day or night. That is still a rare commodity. It is also noticeable that the investment over the last few years has resulted in a very stable platform. I certainly haven’t had a real support call in over six months.

There is many reasons why VoIP could be the perfect choice for your business.

  1. Lower Line Rental
  2. Lower Call Costs
  3. More Flexibility

The most obvious benefit is cost saving compared to ISDN / PSTN Services but also very importantly the flexibility that VoIP can bring to your business.