SIP Trunks

What are SIP Trunks A new IP-based alternative to traditional PSTN and ISDN lines, use your Internet or Leased Line connection to make and receive calls both online and directly to the PSTN network. A highly flexible service maintaining quality and business continuity, all at a significantly lower cost than ISDN. What are SIP Trunks How SIP Trunks work How SIP Trunks Work SIP Trunks are a virtual voice service made up of a number of SIP channels that are delivered to your premises over a Broadband or Leased Line connection, breaking out to the PSTN network allowing both ‘on-net’ and traditional telephone calls.

Most PSTN and ISDN numbers (including Direct Dial In (DDI) and non-geographic Number Translation Services (NTS)) can be easily ported across.

They are also compatible with most leading PBX systems so any business with an existing PBX can switch to using our service immediately.

The number of SIP channels your service can support is dependent on the bandwidth of your connectivity solution.

For less than four channels, a dedicated ADSL connection is sufficient, however for more than four, you will need an FTTC or Leased Line connection depending on the number of channels you require.
Benefits For Your Business How SIP Trunks Will Benefit Your Business Reduced costs In addition to no signifi cant install, setup and maintenance/upgrade
costs, you will save up to 80% on line rental and typically up to 91% on
call costs compared to a traditional ISDN service. internal calls across
your organisation are completely free, even to international sites.
Full scalability Unlike traditional ISDN services, the number of SIP channels you have can be scaled up or down without the need for any infrastructure changes, no matter the size of your business. As long as you have the necessary bandwidth to cater for the extra channels, we can instantly provide them upon request on a ‘pay as you grow’ basis. These can be on a temporary or permanent basis and are perfect for seasonal voice demands or tosupport periodic sales campaigns etc. Seamless continuity SIP Trunks offer complete number portability. Instantly re-route your calls to an alternative location if an emergency should happen, without incurring any call-forwarding charges and keep your existing numbers when moving out of an area.

Our SIP Trunk service can be used with your current handsets and PBX systems located on-site or hosted in our secure data centres.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks from I.T Communications enables you to make and receive calls and save up to 80% on existing Rental and Call Charges.

SIP Trunks can be installed on the 3CX PBX, FreePBX and most modern phone systems that support SIP Trunks.

Benefits of SIP Trunks
  • Monthly Call Tariffs with low call charges
    With inclusive call Minutes per month.
  • Easy Upgrades / Downgrades During Contract
    Flexibility to add additional phone numbers, SIP Channels.
  • Number Porting
    Port your existing telephone numbers over to us.
  • Easy Invoicing and Payments
    Invoices are sent out via email (PDF Attachment) on the 1st of every month. Payment is then automatically collected by Direct Debit.
  • Call Credit Limits
    all our Pay Monthly Accounts will be assigned a call credit limit so you do not have to worry about doing manual call credit top-ups and any calls will be invoiced on 1st of every month.

Multiple feature rich virtual phone lines to make and receive concurrent phone calls.

  • Automatic Failover
    In the event that your phone system is offline due to hardware failure, Power Cut or even Internet outage. All inbound calls can automatically be forwarded to an alternative telephone number of your choice.
  • SIP Trunk Cluster across two Data Centres
    Due to our cluster being spread across Data Centres the likely hood of us having a total outage affecting customers is reduced. In fact, since adding our new generation cluster back in September 2015, we have not experienced a single outage on our network.
  • FAX to Email and Email to FAX Service

SIP Trunk Pricing

wdt_ID Channels / Concurrent Calls Monthly Costs
1 4 16.00
2 8 32.00
3 16 64.00
4 24 96.00
5 32 128.00
6 48 192.00
7 64 256.00
8 96 384.00


Inclusive Phone Numbers
Each SIP Trunk includes 10 UK Standard Phone Numbers




SIP Trunk Pricing

wdt_ID Channels / Concurrent Calls Inclusive Call Minutes * Inclusive Telephone Numbers ** Concurrent Calls Monthly Rental
1 4 4,000 10 Numbers Included 4 30.00
2 8 8,000 10 Numbers Included 8 60.00
3 16 16,000 10 Numbers Included 16 120.00
4 24 24,000 10 Numbers Included 24 180.00
5 32 32,000 10 Numbers Included 32 240.00
6 48 48,000 10 Numbers Included 48 360.00
10 64 64,000 10 Numbers Included 64 480.00

* Inclusive Free Call Minutes
Each SIP Channel includes 1,000 minutes per month to UK Lanandlines (01, 02) UK Mobiles (Vodafone, O2, Orange, EE, Three Mobile)

** Inclusive Phone Numbers
Each SIP Trunk includes 10 UK Standard Phone Numbers