Support Procedure


Support Services

The Company shall undertake the  Support Services in the following manner:

(1) the Company shall provide assistance to Customers remotely provided the customer logs a support request via email sent to, during the Support Hours; which are available by clicking here

(2) the Company will endeavour to respond to all service requests within the Support Hours but all timescales are estimates and time shall not be made of the essence in the performance of the Support Services;

(3) The Company will endeavour to fix issues relating to the service. If the issue reported is known to the Company and a fix is available then this will be issued at point of contact;

(4) Requests for support by the Customer shall be logged and the Company shall allocate a ticket number to each request. The Company shall endeavour to keep the Customer updated as to the status of the Customer’s requests and shall answer the Customer’s queries regarding the status of the request, provided that the Customer quotes the ticket number.