Number Porting

Number Porting

I.T Communications can port your existing telephone numbers from other providers. Please review our porting process and other useful information.


To port your existing telephone numbers, you will need to fully complete our porting form which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Once fully completed, return the porting form to

We will then review the form to ensure all is completed correctly and confirm we are processing the port order.

You will receive an update from us once we have a response from your current provider.

We will submit your porting order to the LCP no later than the working day after you resubmit the port to us.

An acceptance or rejection can be expected within 48 hours.

In accordance with Industry guidelines, port requests can only be rejected based on incorrect or missing information being presented, or if there is no live service on the number requested.

The most common reasons for a port to be rejected by the LCP are an incorrect line type, incorrect installation address, missing contact name on DDI orders and missing details of associated numbers.

Please check these details carefully.

You will receive an email confirming a rejection and the reason.

To edit the order log on to the portal and select ‘Resubmit a rejected port’ from the main menu.

Make the necessary changes, including requesting a new port lead time if the original date entered does not leave enough lead time, and then re-submit.

Any single DDIs or DDI ranges that are ported to our network and are unwanted by the end
user they were ported in for must not be assigned to other end users.

A single DDI must be returned to the Range Holder, please email us to let us know and we will send it back.

Any ported numbers deactivated for three months or more will be ceased back to the range holder.

Numbers ported to us as a range must not be split up, as a range must usually be ported back to the Range Holder or on to another provider as it was ported in.

We are able to port numbers from the below Telecommunications Providers

Indirect Ports (via one of our carriers)

C&W Vodafone (Energis)
C&W Vodafone UK
Citrus Telecom
COLT Technology Services
Eurobell (Holdings) Limited
Excell Group
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
Inclarity plc

KCom (Affiniti)
Level 3 Communications
Level 3 Communications Ltd
Magrathea Telecommunications L
Simwood eSMS
Spitfire Network Services Ltd
TalkTalk Communications Limite
Telecom2 Ltd
Telephony Services

Thus Plc
Verizon UK Ltd
Virgin Media Business Limited
Virgin Media Wholesale Limited
Vodafone (Energis)
VoiPTalk (Telappliant)
Voxbone SA
X-On (Storacall)
Your Communications

Direct Porting (In or Out) of our network via our Porting Prefix (Geo Ports – 5999000 – Non-Geo Ports 504423)

Applications Received
VoIP Unlimited (August 2023) – CP Refused Direct NPA

Gamma Telecom (September 2023) Chased October 2023
VoiceFlex (October 2023)
Simwood (October 2023)

Ported numbers are charged at £2.00 each monthly unless otherwise agreed.

BT Phone Book Publication:

wdt_ID Service Description Yearly By Cost Annual Cost
1 Ordinary Typeface Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 258.595238095238 304.23
2 Bold Typeface Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 508.904761904762 598.71
3 Superbold Typeface Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 987.75 1,162.06
4 Ordinary Typeface National Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 13688 16,103.53
5 Bold Typeface National Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 28565.85 33,606.88
6 Superbold Typeface National Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 46493.85 54,698.65
7 Online Only 10.20 12.00
When a number ports to I.T Communications any directory entries associated with that number are ported over to I.T Communications on BT’s Directory Management System (DMS). You should check with the current provider for any chargeable directory entries before porting to I.T Communications and cease them if not required, else charges will be incurred. The previous provider may not have charged for this service, but I.T Communications get charged by BT and this charge is passed on accordingly, therefore it is important to check for entries even if no charges are currently being incurred.


The following timescales apply (guideline only):

Single Line
4 Working days
Multi Line
one number and single DDIs
7 Working days
Multi Line
with a DDI range
10 Working days
Multi Line
with 151 channels/lines or more
 17 Working days
Multi Line
Complex DDI
22 working days