I.T Communications will pay a customer ‘The Referrer’ who referrers other customers to us monthly commission. We call this ‘Dealer Commissions’. The commission amount will be agreed between the parties in writing.

Dealer Commissions are paid to the Referrer each month while the referred customer remains a customer of I.T Communications and that customer continues to settle their monthly invoice(s).

Commission Rates

Service Description Monthly Commission Rate
Soft-Switch PBX 10% of the customers service charge
SIP Trunks 10% of the customers service charge
Hosted 3CX PBX 10% of the customers service charge

I.T Communications will send out a Dealer Commissions Statement on the 1st of every month detailing any commissions due to the Referrer. The Referrer must then send I.T Communications an invoice within 14 days from the statement date to claim the commissions and must include the statement number on all invoices.

Failure to send I.T Communications a clam for commission via an Invoice within 14 days, I.T Communications will not pay commission for that commission month.

For the avoidance of doubt, if we Issue a dealer with a commission statement on 1st November of which the date on the statement is 1st November, we must receive your claim “Your Invoice”by the 15th November to validate the commission and for I.T Communications to make a Payment to the Dealer. We will not pay any commission for invoices that are more than 30 days late from the commission statement date.