Internet Access

Our Internet Access services are ideal to work along side our SIP Trunks due to the high performance and reliability of the service.

Services Provided

  • ADSL (Up to 24Mbps Download, 1Mbps Upload)
  • VSDL ( Up to 80Mbps Download, 20Mbps Upload)
  • Leased Lines (up to 10Gbps Up / Down)


24Mbps Down / 1.2Mbps Up *
80Mbps Down / 20Mbps Up
Monthly Data Transfer / Usage
Supported SIP channels
Up to 12
Up to 256
Static IP Address
1 x Included
1 x Included
Contract Period
12 Months
12 Months
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee

* Actual speeds dependent on distances from the exchange and street cabinet.

*** This is a wires only service and does not include a router.

If you need a BT Phone Line for use with the ADSL / VDSL service please view our Line Rental Page