Soft-Switch Edition Comparison

Edition Comparison

Soft-Switch PBX pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) that your company makes and the edition Standard / PRO. All editions feature an unlimited number of extensions.

General Features
Standard Edition
Pro Edition
Unlimited Extensions
Blind & Attended Call Transfer
Call Forward on Busy or No Answer
Call Waiting
Call Routing by DDI / DID
Call Routing by Phone Book
Music On Hold
Three-way Calling
Call Recording
1 Year Retention
1 Year Retention
Call Routing Conditions
Music On Hold
Call Forward on Busy ***
Call Forward on No Answer ***
Call Forward on Unavailable ***
Call Pickup
Call Parking/Retrieval
Call Transfer ***
Call Waiting
Caller ID Black Lists
Find Me/Follow Me
Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
Unlimiteed Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Unlimited Hunt Lists / Ring Groups
Unlimited Call Queues
Unlimited Custom Destinations
Unlimited Phone Books:
Unlimited Call Campaigns / Auto Dialer
Unlimited Conference Rooms
Unlimited Paging & Intercoms
Unlimited Call Flows
Short Numbers
AGI Scripts
Feature Codes
FAX to Email/Web to FAX
Standard Edition
Pro Edition
Call Detail Records
Realtime Status
Standard Edition
Pro Edition
Web Based Management Portal
Automatic Phone Provisioning
Remotely Manage IP Phones (Reboot)
Other Features & Benefits
Standard Edition
Pro Edition
Bria Stretto Soft-Phone
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phone
£5 per user / month
£5 per user / month
Supported Phones
Yealink (Preferred / Recommended)
Yealink T19, Yealink T20, Yealink T21, Yealink T22, Yealink T23, Yealink T26, Yealink T27, Yealink T28, Yealink T29, Yealink T32, Yealink T38, Yealink T41, Yealink T42, Yealink T46, Yealink T48, Yealink W52
SPA-501, SPA-502, SPA-504, SPA-525