3CX Call Flow Designer

Automate Call Flows and Create Voice Apps

Save employees time and improve the customer experience with the 3CX Call Flow Designer (CFD). The user-friendly, visual app allows you to easily create strategic call flows and voice applications so that agents can more efficiently handle calls and customers can get to where they need faster.

Automate Call Handling

  • Route calls based on time of day or customer input.
  • Authenticate callers based on customer ID or other input.
  • Automatic outbound dialer & callback scheduler.
  • Implement a voice payment gateway.

drag & drop interface

  • Fully configurable, pre-built components.
  • Implement voice input, record, email sender, menu & more.
  • Secure & private authentication, user input & credit card.
  • Components for encryption, CRM lookup, database access & more.


Automate responses using
Text to Speech

  • CFD uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities.
  • Leverages Google’s Text to Speech (TTS) and Speech to Text (STT).
  • Recognizes over 120 languages and variants.
  • Able to customize pronunciation of words.