Yealink IP Phones

Yealink IP Phones

I.T Communications stock the full Yealink Range of IP Phones of which come pre-configured for our Soft-Switch Hosted PBX on a next day delivery bases. Please contact us on 01702 66 88 36 for a quote.

Yealink IP Desk Phones

Yealink T19 E2

Yealink T21 E2

Yealink T23G

Yealink T27G

Yealink T29G

Yealink T40G

Yealink T41S

Yealink T42S

Yealink T46S

Yealink T48S

Yealink T53

Yealink T53W

Yealink T54W

Yealink T55A

Yealink T56A

Yealink T57W

Yealink T58A

Yealink T58V

Soft-Switch PBX Supported and pre-configured.