Wholesale Services

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I.T Communications offer a range of wholesale services geared to offering you the key services to kick start your Telecommunications Business.

Some of our wholesale services include the following

  • xDSL Broandband
  • BT PSTN Line Rental
  • 3CX Approved SIP Trunks
  • Shared and Dedicared Hosted PBX Solutions
  • Phone Numbers
  • Number Porting
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers
  • Colocation


With a Wholesale Tariff that is structured to help you win business, backed up with support. You will be able to close new business deals.

10 Years Telecom Experence

I.T Communications started offering VoiP Services in 2009. Working with 3CX Phone System since version 9 and now in addition to 3CX offer our own, Hosted PBX. Soft-Switch PBX

VoIP Network

I.T Communications runs it’s own VoIP Network.  This ensures we can provide a stable service and be in full control of the network. More info

Telephone Number Ranges

I.T Communications has been allocated 604 telephone number prefixes from UK Regulator OFCOM. This enables I.T Communications to allocate phone numbers to customers from its OFCOM allocations and provide customers with a choice of numbers.

Telephone Systems

I.T Communications provides two Hosted Phone Systems. 3CX PBX and Soft-Switch PBX

We can recommend the correct PBX to meet your needs.