BT PSTN Phone Lines

BT PSTN Phone Lines

If you need a BT Phone line but do not want to go direct to BT, why not use our Phone Line Services?
We will bill you for any services / line rentals / call charges and if you ever have any issues, you can contact us directly and we will contact Open Reach to make arrangements to have any faults fixed.

wdt_ID Service / Description Installation / Activation Fee Monthly Line Rental
1 Basic BT PSTN Phone Line £75.00 £14.00

* Installation fee for basic installs where line cable is already within building. Extra fees may be payable if new line cables are required for example new building where there is currently no BT cables to the building.

(a) If you’re switching your phone line from another supplier, there’s no charge.
(b) If you’re taking over a working line, there will be a £40 takeover charge.
(c) If we need to install a new line (or reconnect a ceased line) or socket, the charge is £75.00
If you need multiple new lines, there may be a charge for each line.

All above + VAT

Give us a call on 03300 250 250 to discuss your requirements.