BT Residential has introduced the first new packages in six years,
removing the hated call set-up cost while increasing call cost
slightly, so inland and mobile calls are now both 20p/min rather than
15p or 18p/min plus 23p set-up. This reduces the cost of shorter
calls, but longer calls increase in price.

The basic plan is Pay As You Go with no inclusive calls, 500 Minutes of includes inland and
mobile calls costs £5/month (half that of the old Anytime) while
Unlimited Minutes costs £15/month (maximum 1,000 minutes or 150
calls/month). Access Charge is up 5p to 20p/min increasing the cost
of all service calls, a 100% increase in four years.

The older Unlimited Weekend Calls package is no longer sold, while the older
Unlimited Evening and Weekend, and Anytime packages are only
available to existing broadband customers as upgrades, there is also
a new My Anytime Mobile Calls package that adds unlimited mobile
calls for £12/month. as an upgrade only. These new packages are the
first time BT has included inclusive mobile calls in packages,
something common with other operators. BT Residential is charging
070 calls at the same price as mobiles.

BT Openreach currently passes 1.68 million home with FTTP (700,000 in
cities), plans to reach 4 million homes by 2021, and 15 million homes
by 2025. FTTC broadband currently reaches about 29 million homes
from 90,000 DSLAM cabinets.

Openreach is planning higher speed FTTP services with 550M down and 75M up, and 1000M down and 115M up.