3CX Phone System

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Discover the advantages of the 3CX Phone System

I.T Communications is a UK 3CX Certified and Premium Installation and support partner of the 3CX Phone System.

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software-based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. 3CX’s IP PBX has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard – making it easier to manage and allowing you to use any SIP phone (software or hardware).

Which Edition to Purchase?
I.T Communications is dedicated in helping you choose the correct Edition of 3CX Phone System, ensuring the phone system meets your requirements from today and in to the future.
Giving us a call on 01702 66 88 36 and we will do our upmost best to ensure you get the maximum benefit from using the 3CX Phone System and ensuring you purchase the correct edition.