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Wholesale Services from I.T Communications are designed to be flexable, competitive and reliable.

Remote Support is included with most of our wholesale services. A dedicated service status page is avaiable at http://status.it-communicationsltd.co.uk

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Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale Services from I.T Communications enables wholesale customers to offer their customers a full range of services suited to customer requirements.

Minimum Commitments
With most wholesale services there is a minimum term of 1 month service with 1 month notice to cancel. However, for certain services such as Broadband and Leased Lines, the minimum term would be either 12 or 36 Months.

The total monthly minimum billable services per month on all wholesale accounts is currently £250.00 this can comprise of Service and call charges combined. If the total amount is less then £250.00 per month, there will be an admin fee to bring the total amount to £250.00

New Wholesale Account Requirements

Your Business MUST BE a UK Registered Limited Company
we require all wholesale account customers to have a valid limited company and a bank account registered in the name of the business for the purpose of collecting payments for wholesale services.
Your Business MUST BE VAT Registered with HMRC
we require you to be VAT Registered and to provide us with your VAT Number. This is to ensure we are compliant with VAT Act 1994 Section 55A – Wholesale Customers are to account to HMRC for the reverse charge output tax on the VAT exclusive price of applicable wholesale services.
Your Business MUST register with an External Dispute Resolution Scheme
Communications providers offering services to individuals and small businesses (up to 10 employees) must be members of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme. ADR schemes act as an independent middleman between the service provider and the customer when an initial complaint cannot be resolved.
You MUST be reselling the services
Wholesale Services is a volume-based service and is NOT for the sole purpose of gaining wholesale discounts to the sole benefit of your business. Basically, You cannot obtain wholesale services simply to lower your telecommunications service costs, You MUST be reselling services to your customers. 

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Revised Wholesale Call Rates

October 1, 2019
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Rates are updated regularly so please ensure you check this page.

Please Note: If you request a network level divert “NTS Divert” Diverts cost more per minute as each call requires two channels to work. The Call band will start with DIV- and is available in the below rateing table.

Connection charges apply where indicated. | The minimum that we will charge you for a chargeable call is 1p. Calls are billed per second unless otherwise stated  and are always rounded to 1/10th of a penny. | All call tariff pricing is exclusive of VAT. | Call rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates provided for download are provided for information purposes only and I.T Communications is not liable for any inaccuracies or mismatch with billed calls.

Please note that for calls to Non-Geographic Call Services numbers (084, 087, 09, 118) our access charge is 2 pence per minute in addition to the cost quoted by the owner of the number. The price stated on our site is the combined rate, Service fee  + Access Charge.

Rates are correct as of 27th January 2020

Peak Off-Peak Weekend
Monday to Friday 08:00am to 18:59pm Monday to Thursday 19:00pm to 07:59am Saturday 00:00am to Sunday 11:59:59pm
Friday 19:00pm to 11:59am

Previous Call Rates

Month Download
December 2019 December 2019
November 2019 November 2019
October 2019 October 2019
September 2019 September 2019
August 2019 August 2019
July 2019 July 2019
June 2019 June 2019
May 2019 May 2019

Wholesale Call Plans have been discontinued.

I.T Communications sends wholesale customers monthly CDRs in CSV format normally on the 1st of every month.

The CDRs will contain all the call charges made against the wholesale account so to enable the onward billing of calls to customers.

PSTN And Broadband Services
I.T Communications provides a range of services as detailed below. All Broadband services feature a single static IP address and does not include a router unless requested.

WLR – Service will soon no longer be available and will be replaced with SOGEA

ADSL Notes:
1) Subject to acceptable use policy
2) In the event that a broadband circuit is cancelled within its minimum term, we will invoice the Company for the months of the committed term remaining. Such invoicing will be provided in the Company’s monthly CDR (Call Data Records) and invoicing.

FTTC G.Fast Notes:
1) Subject to acceptable use policy
2) In the event that a broadband circuit is cancelled within its minimum term, we will invoice the Company for the months of the committed term remaining. Such invoicing will be provided in the Company’s monthly CDR (Call Data Records) and invoicing.
3) FTTC G.Fast is currently always installed with a managed install by an Openreach engineer.
4) Modem charges will all be passed directly through to the customer based on the BT bill charges

FTTC Notes:
1) Subject to acceptable use policy
2) In the event that a broadband circuit is cancelled within its minimum term, we will invoice the Company for the months of the committed term remaining. Such invoicing will be provided in the Company’s monthly CDR (Call Data Records)  and invoicing.

FTTP Notes:
1) Subject to acceptable use policy
2) The ECC (Excessive Construction Charges), ONT (Optical Network Termination) and Modem charges will all be passed directly through to the customer based on the BT bill charges 
3) In the event that a broadband circuit is cancelled within its minimum term, we will invoice the Company for the months of the committed term remaining. Such invoicing will be provided in the Company’s monthly CDR (Call Data Records) and invoicing.
4) FTTP is a data only service provided on an end to end fibre. Unlike ADSL 2+ or FTTC it doesn’t work over a telephone line (WLR). If a customer requires a voice service then they will need to order a separate WLR line or VoIP service.

I.T Communications can provide leased lines on a 3 year bases with free install subject to site survey. Our Leased Lines are connected between your office and our Data Centres and connects to the same network switching hardware as our VoIP Services ensuring the very best in latency and Voice Quality.

Get a quote by sending an email to sales@it-communicationsltd.co.uk ensuring you provide the installation postcode and the required service speed / bandwidth.

Wholesale SIP Trunks are required with the 3CX Phone System and most other IP Phone Systems to enable incoming and outgoing external phone calls.

RRP Your Price
Service Description Monthly Fee (RRP) Monthly Fee (RRP)
SIP Trunks £0.00 £0.00
SIP Channels £4.00 each £2.00 each

Wholesale SIP Channels are sold at a minimum capacity of 4 SIP Channels per SIP Trunk

Service Description Monthly Fee
Setup Fee
UK Geographic Phone Numbers (01 and 02 Prefix) £0.50 each £0.00
UK Non Geographic Phone Numbers £0.50 each £0.00
0800 Free Phone Phone Numbers £2.50 each £0.00
UK Gold Numbers £0.50 each Call for Price


You can also download a complete list of our numbers that are available for allocation by clicking here This document is updated once per month so should be used as a guild only and always check with us to ensure any number you pick is still available before confirming to the customer that the number can be allocated.

Memorable Phone Numbers
Please note: The minimum term for memorable numbers is 12 months.

Our Ranges

You can search our ranges below by area code and town / city name.

wdt_ID Area Code Town / City Type
1 0113 472    Leeds, West Yorkshire   Geographic Virtual    
2 0114 477    Sheffield, South Yorkshire   Geographic Virtual    
3 0115 690    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire   Geographic Virtual    
4 0116 394    Leicester, Leicestershire   Geographic Virtual    
5 0117 425    Bristol, Avon   Geographic Virtual    
6 0118 202    Reading, Berkshire   Geographic Virtual    
7 01200 37 5    Clitheroe, Lancashire   Geographic Virtual    
8 01202 00 4    Bournemouth, Dorset   Geographic Virtual    
9 01204 56 4    Bolton, Lancashire   Geographic Virtual    
10 01205 38 3    Boston, Lincolnshire   Geographic Virtual    

Shared Soft-Switch PBX

Dedicated Soft-Switch Cluster
A cluster of 2 servers for redundancy dedicated to you and your customers with the freedom to offer SIP Trunks and Soft-Switch PBX Features to your customers for a fixed monthly fee for a given capacity.

  • Dedicated Cluster with 2 Server Nodes
  • Offer PBX Features and or SIP Trunks for Remote Phone Systems such as the 3CX PBX from the same Cluster.
  • Dedicated Server Resources Up to 7,200 Extensions per Cluster
  • From 100 Channels / Concurrent Calls
    Channels cover the whole cluster not individual customer, its likely that 100 Channels could allow you to sell 500 Channels to end users as they are not all going to be in use at the same time.

Pricing is based upon Hardware requirements of the cluster. Depending on the features used by customers you may not get the estimated amount of extensions per cluster. If you find proformance needs improvement due to low CPU / RAM then it is recommend to update to the next option.

Additional Channels are £2.00 each per month purchased in blocks of 4 Channels

Call Recording Storage
We do not recommend storing call recording on the servers.

I.T Communications has over 10 years’ experience with the 3CX PBX and over the years we have learnt by experience what works and not.

If you are deploying hosted 3CX, we recommend doing this over a VPN Link. We provide this as a service.

Hosted 3CX Cost wdt_ID Concurrent Calls SIP Trunk Channels Phone Numbers Included 3CX Standard Licence 3CX Pro Licence 3CX Enterprise Licence 3CX Standard Edition 3CX PRO Edition 3CX Enterprise Edition
45.70 1 4 4 1 0.00 213 258 54.20 71.95 75.70
45.70 2 8 8 1 0.00 276 335 62.20 85.20 90.12
45.70 3 16 16 1 336 554 672 106.20 124.37 134.20
55.70 4 24 24 1 506 835 1012 146.37 173.78 188.53
60.00 5 32 32 1 761 1256 1522 187.92 229.17 251.33
60 6 48 48 1 1148 1894 2296 252.17 314.33 347.83
70 7 64 64 1 1526 2518 3052 325.67 408.33 452.83
12 Month renewable commitment – includes the cost of 3CX Licence.


  1. Hosting of 3CX – 200GB Storage
  2. Dedicated Firewall
  3. Daily Backups
  4. Basic Support

I.T Communications can provide a telephone numbers from most towns / cities around the world. Below is the pricing structure.

wdt_ID Country Number type Area code City Setup fee Supplier Monthly fee Inbound Per Minute Rate Monthly Cost
1 ARGENTINA Geographic 11 BUENOS AIRES 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
2 ARGENTINA Geographic 351 CORDOBA 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
3 ARGENTINA Geographic 221 LA PLATA 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
4 ARGENTINA Geographic 261 MENDOZA 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
5 ARGENTINA Geographic 230 PILAR 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
6 ARGENTINA Geographic 341 ROSARIO 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
7 ARGENTINA Geographic 264 SAN JUAN 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
8 ARGENTINA Geographic 342 SANTA FE 0 3.90 0.02 5.20
9 AUSTRALIA Geographic 87 ADELAIDE 0 1.60 0.02 2.13
10 AUSTRALIA Geographic 8 ALBANY 0 1.60 0.02 2.13
* Purchase Restrictions Apply

As of 1st of February 2019, the below rates will replace all previous rates.

Porting numbers to our network

Costs based on the outcome of port order.
Acceptance > Porting Charge Single Line – No associated Numbers – £15.00
Acceptance > Porting Charge Multi Line – £15.00 per number capped at £60.00
Rejection > £15.00 per rejection

Order Time Out > £15.00
Order Cancel > £15.00
Order Date Change > £30.00

The following timescales apply 
(guideline only)
Single Line
4 Working days
Multi Line
one number and single DDIs
7 Working days
Multi Line
with a DDI range
10 Working days
Multi Line
with 151 channels/lines or more
 17 Working days
Multi Line
Complex DDI
22 working days


BT Phone Book Publication:

wdt_ID Service Description Yearly By Cost Annual Cost
1 Ordinary Typeface Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 217.22 255.55
2 Bold Typeface Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 427.48 502.92
3 Superbold Typeface Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 829.71 976.13
4 Ordinary Typeface National Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 11497.92 13,526.96
5 Bold Typeface National Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 23995.314 28,229.78
6 Superbold Typeface National Special Phone Book Entry (Printed & Online) 39054.834 45,946.86
7 Online Only 10.20 12.00

When a number ports to I.T Communications any directory entries associated with that number are ported over to I.T Communications on BT’s Directory Management System (DMS). Resellers should check with the losing CP for any chargeable directory entries before porting to I.T Communications and cease them if not required, else charges will be incurred. The previous provider may not have charged for this service, but I.T Communications get charged by BT and this charge is passed on accordingly, therefore it is important to check for entries even if no charges are currently being incurred.


Example 1
You submit a port on 01/02/2019 for a Multi-Line with 10 numbers.

On 06/02/2019 LCP Accepts the port. The total cost of port is £60.00

Example 2
You submit a port on 01/02/2019 for a Multi-Line with 10 numbers.

On 06/02/2019 LCP Rejects the port due to incorrect postcode. – You will be sent a invoice for £15.00

On 06/02/2019 we resubmit the port back to the LCP and is then accepted, you will be sent a invoice for £60.00

The total cost of port is £75.00

Example 3
You submit a port on 01/02/2019 for a Multi-Line with 10 numbers.

On 06/02/2019 LCP Rejects the port due to incorrect postcode. – You will be sent a invoice for £15.00

On the 06/02/2019, you cancel the port order. – You will be sent a invoice for £15.00

The total cost of port is £30.00

Porting Form can be downloaded here You can replace the Logo and references to I.T Communications and insert your own. However all other text and fields MUST remain.

Please also ensure when sending porting request that you always send the completed form to porting@it-communicationsltd.co.uk – Number ports are time sensitive and are given higher priority then standard non-crucial support tickets. if you send the form to support@it-communicationsltd.co.uk the priority will not automatically be set and may cause delays or even port request timeouts.

Export of a number to another network (Export away from our network)

The provision of this service (export of a telephone number on our network to another Public Electronic Communications Network where the losing partner is not also the Original Range Holder) is £20 per number successfully exported.

Pre-port Validation is used when you do not know the correct installation address for a given phone number or range.

We will need a signed porting form “LOA” from the end user before we can start the pre-port validation process and takes around 5 working days to complete.

Below is a list of providers who have agreed to take part in the Pre-Port Validation process.

I.T Communications recommends two billing systems for processing our monthly call CDrs

Inform Billing

Billing Booth

Having a commercial billing solution will save you time and money and provide benefits to both you and your customers.

Support is included for all services we provide with the exception of 3CX Phone Systems which will be subject to support fees.

Support is available via email to support@it-communicationsltd.co.uk and or by phone by calling 03300 250 250

We setup our own network in the UK for VoIP with low latency and plenty of bandwidth available to meet demands for the future.

We are therefore able to provide both Virtual and Dedicated Servers to meet customer requirements.

Please email us if you need a quote.

We stock the full range of Yealink IP Phones and available for next day delivery.

Please email support@it-communicationsltd.co.uk to place any hardware orders.

Listed below are some additional services / charges that fall under the miscellaneous section.

wdt_ID Service / Description Fee
1 Ad-Hoc 3CX Remote Support (If we are not hosting 3CX) £20.00 per 15 Minutes
2 Setup of Custom Logos for Yealink T29, T46, T48, T54,T56, T57 IP Phones £30.00 per Phone Logo - Includes testing the logo to ensure fits correctly.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a service for any reason, please follow the below steps.

  1. Send an email to support@it-communicationsltd.co.uk
    Please include the service details of which you want to cancel for example a customer phone number and when you want it to be cancelled.
  2. Most VoIP Services has a minimum duration of One Month + One Month to cancel the service. The notice period is to start at the end of the current billing cycle. For example, if you want to cancel a service on 20th June, the notice period would start from end of June, making the last day of billing the end of July.

General Provisions

Wholesale Customers shall not, and shall procure that its End Users do not, use the Service or Network to distribute, transmit, forward, send or receive any material (voice or data) that we consider, at our sole discretion;

–To be threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, harassing or discriminatory (including, but not limited to discrimination based on race, gender, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation or disability);

–To transmit or procure the sending of any unsolicited promotional or marketing material (“spam”);

–That is in any way unlawful or otherwise promotes, facilitates, encourages or is used in connection with any fraudulent purpose or any activity which would be illegal under UK or International law;

–Causes damage or injury to any person or property; –Is in breach of any applicable laws or regulations; or

–Infringes any Intellectual Property right or other proprietary right or right of privacy of any third party;

Wholesale Customers must provide caller identification (“CLI”) on all calls. This CLI may be withheld from the called party End User using the SIP facilities provided. We reserve the right to refuse or surcharge calls sent without such information.

The Wholesale Customer must not participate in any form of traffic generation for dishonest gain. Including, but not limited to, Artificially Inflated Traffic (“AIT”)

The Wholesale Customer must not participate in any form of traffic which could adversely affect the I.T Communications network or those of our suppliers or other customers.

The Wholesale Customer must, at all times, comply with the provisions of the Communications Act 2003, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 and any other relevant legislation.

The Wholesale Customer must not use, or permit use of, the Service to provide services otherwise in accordance with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013” (SI:2013/3134) or the EU Consumer Rights Directive

The Wholesale Customer must at all times comply with Ofcom guidance for automated (“dialler”) traffic and the Statement Of Policy on Persistent Misuse (“Ofcom Policy”). The Ofcom Policy offers the following examples of misuse, which are not to be considered exhaustive;

–Misuse of automated calling systems;

–Misuse by making silent or abandoned calls;


–Misuse of calling line identification (“CLI”) facilities;

–Misuse for dishonest gain; and

–Misuse of allocated telephone numbers

The Wholesale Customer must not use or permit use of, the Service to intercept or monitor any data, messages or other communications without knowledge and consent of the End User.

The Wholesale Customer must not use I.T Communications numbers as presentation CLI for dialler traffic originated through other networks without our prior written consent. In any event, the Additional Provisions for Automated Diallers below apply.

The Wholesale Customer must not impersonate any third party or entity by adding, removing, or altering header information or other signalling or messages transmitted via the Service.

The Wholesale Customer shall promptly report to I.T Communications any event, condition, or activity indicative of a possible or actual breach of this Acceptable Use Policy or breach or compromise of the security of their own network and/or the Services, including any event, condition, or activity occurring within any other communications or computer network that could affect the security of the Wholesale Customer or the Service.

The Wholesale Customer shall, at all times, ensure that allocated numbering is used strictly in accordance with the National Numbering Plan (as published by Ofcom) and any restrictions therein.

Automated Diallers

Wholesale Customers must not make ‘voice broadcast’ calls – this nature of dialler traffic is expressly prohibited on the network.

Wholesale Customers must seek prior written approval from I.T Communications before using the service for automated dialler traffic.

Such use will be granted only where assurance of compliance with the Automated Diallers provisions below is provided.

Automated Diallers (Additional Provisions)

Please note these are offered as advice and are the minimum requirements for the network where Wholesale Customers have been granted permission to operate predictive diallers. It is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, that following these rules would ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation. Within this section the following definitions apply;

Predictive Dialler – Any system or platform (whether operated directly by the Wholesale Customer or not) capable of dialling a telephone number prior to a live operator being able to handle the call directly.

Abandoned Call – An established connection but terminated by the originator / calling party.

Live Call – An established connection to a live individual.

Silent Call – An established connection where the called party hears nothing upon answering.

Live Operator – A person who is available to talk with an individual who answers a call and expressly excludes IVRs and pre- recorded messages.

Abandoned Call Rate – In accordance with Ofcom policy this is calculated as follows where A represents abandoned calls and L represents live calls; (A/A+L) x 100/1

Where permission has been granted to operate Predictive Diallers;

All calls must ring for a minimum of 15 seconds before a call is terminated.

The rate of calls abandoned (ACR) must be no more than 3% of live calls over a 24 hour period and must include a reasoned estimate of Answering Machine Detection (“AMD”) false positives where AMD is used.

Statistics in summary form, or CDRs, which record compliance must be retained for a minimum of six months and must be made available on request by I.T Communications

Written procedures which detail the following must be available;

–How predictive diallers are configured;

–How silent call generation is monitored;

–How silent call complaints are handled.

All Wholesale Customers must provide accurate and relevant CLI on all calls.

This CLI must be a basic rate 01, 02, 03 or 080x (Freephone) number. 070x, 084x, 087x and 09x are expressly prohibited.

Return calls to the CLI presented must connect to the organisation responsible for making the call, not an automated message.

Where an automated message is played when calling the return number there must be an option to be connected to a live operator from that organisation.

In the event of an abandoned call a brief recorded message must be played no later than two seconds after the call has been answered which;

–Identifies the company who was responsible for the call (where a call centre is engaged in marketing or market research activities this should be the company that instructed the campaign);

–Offers the called person an option to opt-out of any further calls by contacting an 0800, 0808, 01, 02 or 03 number only.

This can also optionally be provided by means of a “press X” IVR option in addition to providing a contact number;

–Must include no marketing content, and is not used as an opportunity to market to the called party.

Where an abandoned call has been made to a number any repeat calls to that number in the following 72 hours MUST be made with a guaranteed live operator

Where a call has been identified as an answering machine (including false positives) any repeat calls to that number within a 48 hour period MUST be made with the guaranteed presence of a live operator.

Answering Machine Detection (“AMD”)

Whilst Ofcom have not specifically banned use of Answering Machine Detection (“AMD”) it is our view that the current technologies are not going to enable compliance with Ofcom’s guidance.

Ofcom’s own advice support this;”Ofcom recognises that at present, and until accuracy rates improve, it will be very difficult to use [existing] AMD technology without breaching the three percent guideline.” We therefore do not permit the use of AMD on outbound calls.

Telephone Preference Service (“TPS”)

Unsolicited calls to any telephone numbers registered with the Telephone Preference Service are prohibited by law under all circumstances. It is the Wholesale Customer’s sole responsibility for ensuring compliance with this.

Voice Messaging / Voice Broadcast Increasingly contact centres or automated dialling software is being used to push informational or transactional messages to customers (e.g. “your payment is due”, “your parcel will be delivered at 9am” etc) These are NOT governed by the above rules however prior consent must be obtained from the called parties and a simple means of opting out should be provided.

Number Portability Policy
The Wholesale Customer acknowledges and accepts that Number Portability is provided for the benefit of the End User.

Wholesale Ports (where the Wholesale Customer is remaining in the supply chain to the End User) are expressly prohibited.